Are you making the right decisions for your business?

We are experts in data-driven decision making who help leaders across sectors solve their most complex problems by creating innovative ideas and custom digital solutions.

Our 3 Pillars

Evaluate and design enterprise-wide visions and comprehensive strategies.
Create custom digital solutions integrated with existing business activities.
Facilitate communication between teams across functions and levels. Training. Talks.

Our Areas of Expertise

BIG experts combine 20+ years of experience with world-leading organizations in their professional and scientific fields across different sectors and functions.

Our Services

BIG experts travel worldwide for client engagements and are fully functional in English, French, and German.

2h - ½ day
  • 10 to 500+ participants (all levels and profiles)
  • Preparation of talk materials and actual talk
  • Rights to record talk and distribute talk materials, under conditions
1 - 2 days
  • 5 to 20 participants (executives, C-suite, board level)
  • Preparation of workshop document and copy for each participant (bound booklet, PDF)
  • Possibility to include a war-game exercise
1 - 2 weeks
  • Duration depends on size of organization
  • 1+ day with BIG experts onsite for interviews with leaders and employees, systems evaluation
  • Written expert report with strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for improvement
4+ weeks
    For instance:
  • Definition of strategy and solution architecture
  • Software development
  • Design and rollout of custom training program
  • Other

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Our Difference

  • We do not need an exhaustive list of specifications to develop a solution and set a price. It is our job to help our clients define the details of their vision and implement it.

  • We are agile and create a first prototype in very fast timelines to enable testing early. We iterate and collaborate with our clients to ensure that the final version is productive and convenient for its users.

  • We strive to integrate our solutions to existing systems and use open-source software where relevant to maximize value for our clients.

  • Our clients choose to work with us because they want the simplicity of having one team who masters a wide range of technical and business topics.

    Our Technology

    We have developed our own technological platform for our custom software solutions.

    Executive Team

    Aurélie M.H. Beaumel and Thomas W. Dillig, PhD have a combined 20 years of experience in management consulting and software engineering with leading global organizations. They collectively hold 6 degrees from Stanford University in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Economics.

    ★ Based in the US (Austin) and France (Paris)
    ★ Traveling worldwide
    ★ English, Français, Deutsch