Thomas W. Dillig, PhD
BIG Co-Owner

Thomas W. Dillig graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science with Honors and Distinction, Master of Science, and PhD in Computer Science.

Before founding BIG, he was a professor in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, the College of William & Mary, as well as University College London. He specialized in software security and AI, and designed breakthrough techniques in software verification, constraint solving, and optimization. He authored over 20 research articles published in top-tier scientific venues. In addition to research, he taught undergraduate and graduate classes in Programming Languages and Program Verification as faculty. He has given presentations at top research institutions in the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific, including MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, National University of Singapore, and Microsoft Research Redmond. He was awarded multi-million award grants from public organizations, including the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). He served on the committee of major computer science conferences (PLDI, CAV, POPL) and managed several research groups. He also worked at IBM Research and Microsoft Research.

With BIG he brings expertise in cutting-edge computing techniques to companies and helps leverage novel technologies to increase productivity and save costs. He is passionate about bridging the gap between state-of-the-art research and real-world companies, and has helped leading organizations leverage new technology effectively for business outcomes.

Tom also enjoys spending time outdoors, home-building, or traveling. He is a certified electrician and has built irrigation systems, remodeled kitchens, created outdoor living spaces, and designed HVAC systems for private homes. He is passionate about riding horses and loves exploring different corners of the world, whether scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef, watching the sunrise from the top of Maya ruins in Guatemala, snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains, or hiking in the wild areas of the American West.

He is fluent in English and German and has notions of French.

He was born in Munich, Germany, and has lived in the US for more than fifteen years, from Nebraska to Silicon Valley, New York, Virginia, and others. He splits his time between Austin (Texas, USA) and Paris (France).