Making the right decisions is key to success in today’s complex, connected, globalized, and rapidly-changing world. Strategy is the art of decision making. It is the cross-functional glue that unifies all divisions and gives direction to an organization. Effective strategies are essential in all areas of business, at the group and individual levels.

We are architects of a new field designed to guide decision makers through the Digital Transformation, and we call it Computational Strategy. A fundamental principle of Computational Strategy is to approach business as a game. By definition, a game is a goal-driven competitive activity conducted under defined rules, where success is contingent on good skills and strategy.

While a strategic mindset is needed at all levels of an organization, Computational Strategy is particularly relevant at the CEO and executive levels, where big-picture vision is critical. We therefore believe that Computational Strategy will become a key pillar of executive advising and consulting in the Digital Era.


We believe that Decision Games, where players can simulate decisions and strategies, constitute the next-generation strategy and management tools needed to succeed in a Digital world.


We believe that human-driven technology is the key to enhance decision making capabilities and business performance in the Digital Era. Our proprietary technology combines the computational power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the reasoning power of Human Intelligence (HI), to interactively simulate complex environments and solve decision making problems. It is the core of our Decision Games.