Finding new ways to solve complex problems in business, science, and engineering requires a crossover mindset. Other fields like music can provide inspiration on how to combine unrelated things in new ways that make sense.

One of my favorite bands is Apocalyptica, from Finland. Three cellists and a drummer composing/playing cello metal, occasionally with a singer.  There is for me something irresistible about their mix of classical cello and heavy metal, technical competence and crazy energy, and raw charisma. Maybe that’s because I love both playing classical violin and doing endurance challenges in extreme wilderness conditions. 

I’ve been to their concerts several times in the US and France, and also met them. They are amazing performers and very gracious in person. Great ambassadors of Finland and the Nordics – a region and culture that I love.

Creativity is what artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers share in common. It requires curiosity, vision, expert skills, and a bold attitude. Without creativity, there is no innovation. 

I love looking at the big-picture to solve problems, finding common patterns between apparently unrelated fields, and putting together different concepts to create new ideas and solutions. That’s a core part of the work we do at BIG. I find my sources of inspiration in Nature, travels, science of all kinds, humanities, sports, and arts of course!

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Einstein.

Aurélie with Apocalyptica band members (Paris)

If you are curious about Apocalyptica’s music, here are a few samples:

Nothing Else Matters (their cover of Metallica that first made them famous):

I Don’t Care:

Symphony of Extremes (composed for a Visit Finland campaign):