Every winter, I go dog-sledding in Swedish Lapland with professional mushers and dogs of The Silent Way. I first went in 2013 and it changed my life. I discovered a passion for the Arctic, endurance, and animal work. Since then, I’ve mushed 2500+km in wild nature, incl. long-distance expeditions (800km longest) and races.

Real dog-mushing is physically and mentally demanding. Sleds can weigh >50kg. I usually have 6-8 dogs, heavier men have more. We go through mountains, frozen lakes, woods, deep snow, vertical drops, storms, nights. Sometimes 100km in a day, sometimes below -30C.

Mushing is hard labor. It takes a lot of work to feed, care, and clean up after 35+ dogs. Then there’s cutting wood, drilling holes in lakes, carrying buckets of water, as we stay in mountain huts without electricity or running water.

Every time is a fantastic dog, human, nature, athletic, and personal experience. I’ve learned invaluable lessons in grit, resilience, self-control, teamwork, discipline, and leadership. Dog mushers are fit, hard-working, fearless. They are strong in their body, mind, and heart. But they are also gentle and keep their inner child alive.

The path to becoming a true dog musher is long and arduous, but paved with fulfillment. That’s why I love it.