At BIG, we believe in the pursuit of interests outside business to maintain balance and foster qualities that actually make us better at what we do in business.

Personally, my passion for outdoors challenges in extreme conditions has given me some of the best lessons in surpassing oneself, grit, resilience, endurance, leadership, teamwork, creativity, organization – qualities that are all relevant for success as a business entrepreneur.

I have done dogsled expeditions and races in the Nordics, ski expeditions in the Arctic, horse-riding treks in the Namib desert, diving with wild orcas and sharks. Last month, I completed the 2015 Polar Circle Marathon and Half-Marathon in Greenland on two consecutive days, with temperatures ranging from -25C to -5C and strong winds, over hilly terrain including ice, deep snow, and gravel. There were 170 participants overall and I am proud to be one of the 23 women (and 50 men) who completed the challenge of finishing both races.

It is the same passion, energy, and determination that we apply at BIG to innovate and solve complex problems for our clients, using our proprietary knowledge and technology. What we do includes software research with MIT/US Defense, cutting-edge consumer insights for luxury consumer goods, and breakthrough interactive market simulation software for airlines.

I am proud to be part of the BIG team as its co-owner and to uphold the BIG values. To use our mind and body to tackle worthwhile challenges. To push our limits for exploration and innovation. To make what was impossible possible. To act with integrity. For our clients. For the greater good.


Photo by Greenland Polar Circle Marathon / Albatros Adventures