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We are a top-credentials team with deep expertise and experience in a wide range of technical and business topics, who delivers results quickly.

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We believe in a tailored approach with our clients to develop custom solutions that best fit their needs and objectives, implemented in very fast timelines.


  • We deliver cross-cutting expertise in IT, Cyber Security, Software Implementation, Enterprise Processes, Strategy & Management in multiple business sectors.

  • We do not need an exhaustive list of specifications to commit to develop a solution and set a price. It is our job to help our clients define the details of their vision and implement it.

  • We need to understand clearly the objectives (e.g. business, tactical) that the solution must fulfill and who the end-users will be. We use our experience and skills to determine the most appropriate implementation.

  • We are agile and create a first prototype as soon as possible to enable testing early, and we refine it over several iterations with our clients until it reaches its complete, final version.

  • We use an iterative process where collaboration with client teams is essential. Inputs and feedback throughout development ensure that the end-solution is adapted, productive, and convenient for its users.


Cyber Security has become a key priority relevant to all businesses. Its topic is the security of data and information systems, which are relevant to all parts of organizations, not only technical departments. It involves trade-offs between security, costs, and productivity, that must be addressed together. Cyber Security should be an enterprise-wide strategic priority, on the agenda of CEOs, Boards, and Executives across functions. Every organization needs a strong cyber security strategy, and we can help.

We explain our philosophy in a white paper "Principles of Cyber Security", co-written with former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and Chief of Staff of the French Air Force, General (Ret) Jean-Paul Paloméros.


The BIG Cyber Security Game is our Decision Game for cyber security strategy. The objective is to design cyber security strategies which are then tested against virtual cyberattacks simulated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents. It provides a virtual environment where leaders and decision-makers can:
  • Develop their understanding of cyber security concepts and trade-offs, including high-level technical knowledge
  • Formulate and test cyber security strategies
  • Uncover weaknesses and weakest links in the cyber security chain
  • Raise awareness and educate about cyber security
The game parameters are customized to fit specific applications and each client's profile and objectives.