• BIG in La Réunion!
    BIG in La Réunion! I just came back from a client project in IT and Cyber Security on the island where I grew up from age 5 to 15. Reunion is a French overseas territory, east of Madagascar and next [… read more ...]
  • Talk on Quantum Computing
    Quantum Computing is becoming a hot topic. What is its potential and limits? How will it affect business, cyber security, AI, blockchain, and other data technologies? Which sectors will it impact the [… read more ...]
  • 2018 NATO Innovation Challenge
    We are honored to be a top 10 finalist at the 2018 NATO Innovation Challenge. Our proposed solution aims to solve the complexity problem created by the proliferation of data and digital [… read more ...]
  • Stanford reunion
    I recently went to my 10th-year Stanford reunion. I studied 5 years there to earn a BA in Economics and MSc & BSc Honors in Symbolic Systems, an interdisciplinary program on the sciences of the [… read more ...]
  • Landscaping
    I greatly enjoy landscaping in my spare time. Landscaping is about shaping an outdoor space by building permanent features (e.g. walkways, walls) and combining them with plants which are changing [… read more ...]