Our Perspective on AI & Automation

The purpose of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to increase productivity and reduce costs. It is not about automating intelligence, it is about automating specific tasks.

Successful use of AI requires to first identify clearly the tasks and processes to automate. This means finding tasks where automation has business value and is technically feasible.

Machine learning is one automation technique, but there are many others. We help our clients select the most appropriate technique(s) based on their goals. AI and automation must be viewed as one module of a larger IT solution.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Leverage AI & Automation to automate tasks in corporate functions
  • Leverage AI to extract useful information from data (data analytics, data cleaning, data organization)
  • Identify relevant applications of AI & Automation for a specific organization
  • Identify appropriate AI & Automation techniques to solve a specific problem
  • Executive workshops and training on AI (myths and realities, techniques, applications, risks)

Our Credentials

BIG expert Thomas Dillig has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford and has done 10+ years of cutting-edge research on AI-related topics with top institutions including MIT and the US Department of Defense.

BIG expert Aurélie Beaumel has a BS with Honors and MS from Stanford in Cognitive Science, which is a core field of AI. She has implemented automation solutions related to data for multiple large multinational corporations in North America and Europe.

Collectively, we have developed several innovative AI technologies for BIG clients, including data analytics, simulations, and decision games. We have also given multiple executive workshops on AI with business and military leaders.