Our Perspective on Cyber Security and Resilience

Cyber Security and Resilience is about managing the risks of information technologies and automation. We define cyber security as the security of networked information systems and data. We define resilience as the enduring ability to survive and thrive, even under degraded conditions. The overarching imperative for an organization is the ability to perform operations or conduct business under all conditions.

Understanding Your Systems

Complexity is a central challenge for IT, cyber security, and resilience faced by large organizations of all sectors. It is driven by multiple different IT systems (e.g. legacy systems, specialized systems) and other layers (e.g. process, people) accumulated over time and connected to each other.

This results in dependencies between systems and layers that are often not sufficiently understood. Dependencies expose an organization to business continuity and security risks. Therefore, managing complexity and dependencies is a prerequisite to improve cyber security and resilience.

Approaching Cyber Security and Resilience

Since one cannot secure everything, it is important to define a clear prioritization of the capabilities, systems and data used by an organization. This should be done jointly by business and technical teams.

Cyber security and resilience must be an integral part of designing IT systems & tools, not an afterthought. Cyber security and resilience constitute enterprise-wide issues that must be addressed at all levels (technical, operational, management).

Our Areas of Focus

  • Conduct diagnostic of existing cyber security posture and identify concrete recommendations for improvement
  • Design and develop innovative management tools for Cyber Security & Resilience
  • Design enterprise-wide Cyber Security and Resilience vision and strategy
  • Design and implement systems to secure data access and store data redundantly
  • Custom training in Cyber Security and Resilience for executives and employees of all functions

Our Credentials

BIG expert Thomas Dillig has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford and has done 10+ years of cutting-edge research in Software Security with top institutions, including MIT and the US Department of Defense. He has co-authored 20+ peer-reviewed scientific publications on software security. He has pioneered new techniques for building secure software that are now used by researchers all over the world.

BIG expert Aurélie Beaumel has designed and conducted multiple executive workshops and training in Cyber Security & Resilience for large and small companies. She serves as an expert in Resilience for the French Air Force in international strategic military meetings.