Our Perspective on Data

Data is a key strategic asset for any business. The efficient use of data is a powerful way to improve management and decision making, as well as improve business performance and reduce costs. However, this requires to address data in a comprehensive way.

It is critical to develop the 6 core data capabilities: Aggregate (collect and store), Secure, Organize, Analyze, Visualize, and Share.

The efficient use of data should be driven by concrete business applications and benefits that must be defined upfront. These business requirements also determine which IT systems and tools are appropriate to store and process the data.

Storing and processing data creates potential risks that need to be addressed early on to ensure data security and data integrity (can I trust the data?).

Raw data in itself has generally no value. It needs to be transformed into organized knowledge from different data formats and sources, which can in turn be analyzed to yield useful information for making decisions.

A major challenge for companies today revolve around data availability, i.e. how to make the right information available to the right person, at the right time, and in the right format.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Design processes, systems, and tools to organize data and extract useful information from data (customer/market data, operational data, financial data, etc)
  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for management and associated systems and tools (databases, analytics, dashboards)
  • Use AI & Automation to improve data processing and analytics
  • Devise strategies, processes, and tools to manage data security and integrity

Our Credentials

BIG expert Thomas Dillig has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford and has extensive experience designing and implementing IT infrastructures to store and query large amounts of data. He is also an expert in cyber security and AI.

BIG expert Aurélie Beaumel has a BA in Economics and BS/MS in Cognitive Science from Stanford focused on Decision Making. She has been a management consultant for 10+ years (incl. 6 years at BCG), working for large multinational companies in North America and Europe. She has deep experience in data analytics (consumer/market research, pricing, financial analysis).

Collectively, we have designed and developed innovative data-related systems and tools (data analytics, dashboards, infrastructure) for business and military leaders.