Computational Strategy: Using Games for Better Decision Making


Making the right decisions is key to the success of individuals and organizations in today’s complex, connected, globalized, and rapidly-changing world. Strategy is the art of decision making and is essential in all areas of business. It is the cross-functional glue that unifies and gives direction to an organization. We believe that human-driven technology is the key to enhance strategic decision making capabilities and business performance in the Digital Era. We are architects of a new field designed to guide CEOs and executives through the Digital Transformation, and we call it Computational Strategy. This new discipline looks at business as a game, and we therefore believe Decision Games are the next-generation strategy and management tools needed for success. Our Decision Games combine the computational power of Artificial Intelligence with the reasoning power of Human Intelligence to create complex and data-rich environments where users can simulate decisions and strategies. They can be designed as single-player games for individuals to improve their skills on an ongoing basis, or as multi-player games for group training and executive seminars.

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