Artificial Intelligence (conference talk)

"The 1.5hrs talk followed by Q&A enabled us to truly understand the reality of Artificial Intelligence and [...] to get a clear, exhaustive, and synthesized view of the state of the art. The presentation was clear and illustrated with concrete examples [...] The feedback from participants was unanimously very positive, with emphasis on the quality of the speaker [Aurélie Beaumel] and the enlightening nature of the content providing a good understanding of a particularly complex topic."

- HR Responsible of global company about BIG Talk 'Artificial Intelligence: Myths & Realities' given for 300 employees

IT / Data / Cyber Security / Automation (full transformation program)

"The team made by Aurélie and Tom is reliable and efficient, which are qualities that are increasingly rare these days. I can trust them and results are delivered as promised. As a business owner and CEO, I particularly appreciate the clarity of their explanations for technical topics. BIG helped me understand better how to leverage IT effectively to increase the productivity of my company, as well as its cyber security and resilience. Aurélie and Tom interact very professionally with my team and don’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves to examine our IT systems in detail, or install new improved ones. This is my 3rd project with BIG (IT diagnostic, cyber security training, IT systems upgrade) and I am not done yet. They have become my go-to experts for anything related to IT and management."

- Victorine Taïlou, Founder & President of Samoussas TAÏLOU, Knight of the French Legion of Honor, Knight of the French Order of Agricultural Merit

AI and Software Security Research (expert consulting)

‘‘Program analysis is one of the most challenging research areas in computer science. It requires expertise in a range of areas: deep insight into the interaction between the software, the analysis and the properties to be verified, impeccable mathematical reasoning skills, and strong software implementation skills. Dr. Dillig’s research produced multiple internationally known results, published in the top publication outlets, [and] established his position at the very top of the field [...] One of Dr. Dillig’s notable results centers around the formulation of complex software security properties using satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) solvers. He applied this approach to the problem of finding certain classes of security vulnerabilities. His results significantly improved the state of the art in this important field [...] One of the things I like about [his research to ensure the absence of software errors] is how it moves from simply pointing out the presence of errors to proactively taking actions to eliminate errors [...] My research group at MIT had obtained a sizable contract. I found [him] to be a model collaborator. His ability to work productively with the team and to communicate sophisticated technical concepts quickly and efficiently contributed greatly to our ability to execute on the contract. In large part because of Dr. Dillig’s participation, the project was a success and we were very happy with the collaboration.’’

- Prof. Martin Rinard PhD, Professor, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, on a BIG-MIT collaboration for a US Defense/DARPA-funded research project

Resilience (expert consulting)

''Ms. Aurélie Beaumel is a member of the civilian reserve of the French Air Force and participates in activities of thought development, influence, and awareness in the Strategy Division of the Planning Office of the General Staff of the French Air Force [...] She participated in a trilateral group workshop on the future issues of the French, American, and British Air Forces. By sharing with French and foreign military participants her experience from the private sector, Ms. Beaumel made significant contributions to the results of the working group in charge of the study of resilience, a concept that is relatively new and multi-disciplinary by nature. She distinguished herself with her dedication, ability to explain concepts clearly, analytical skills, ability to synthesize, as well as her wide range of knowledge [...] Not only does she possess a comprehensive and deep understanding of process, technology and people, but she also has the rare skill to identify and synthesize the few key elements of a complex multi-faceted topic. She knows how to interact with tact and skills with officers and experienced experts of diverse backgrounds and personalities [...] I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who needs to define long-term strategies and solve complex problems, notable related to technology, organizations, and people.''

- Colonel of the French Air Force, Director of Strategy division of Air Force Staff, on Aurelie's contributions as a subject matter expert at international strategic military workshops

Quantum Computing (executive workshop)

"A very rational view on Quantum Computing which really differs from the buzz we are currently hearing about it. Very enlightening presentation of the topic [...] it was really excellent and rich in terms of the quality of the information while dealing with a very complex subject."

"As a lay person in quantum mechanics and computing, I felt totally fascinated by both the presentation and the speakers. Very sensible and very often philosophical questions behind this revolution to come in the near future. I specially enjoyed the obvious linking you highlighted between existential questions and the applications of quantum potential. I also liked the presentation in itself, i.e. clear and simple yet precise without any unwise or reckless speculations."

- Participant feedback from BIG Talk 'Securing Data with Quantum Computing on the Horizon' given at private seminar with 20 senior business and military leaders

Cyber Security (training workshop)

"These speakers are both brilliant intellects so the information was the best Austin TSCPA training I have ever attended. I think if you had some cyber security background you would get even more out of the training but it was not necessary."

"Timely, interesting, and valuable information... I learned a lot in a short period of time, and what the presenters shared was useful and pertinent."

"The presenters were exceptional."

- Participant feedback from certifying training in Cyber Security provided by BIG for 30 CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) from business and accounting firms in Texas

Cognitive Science (conference talk)

"Ms. Aurélie Beaumel was engaged as keynote speaker for a high-profile conference on Cognitive Science at the Ecole Militaire, Paris for the graduate military college for sciences and techniques of the Army [...] She lectured during 40 min on the issues and applications of Cognitive Science in front of an audience including 100 expert officers of the French Army and 40 representatives of prestigious French higher-education institutions (CentraleSupélec, HEC, Telecom ParisTech...). Leveraging concrete examples and displaying a perfect mastery of the topic, she captivated the audience, explained complex themes simply, and synthesized in a clear way the main elements of this multi-faceted topic [...] I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wishes to solve complex problems related to cognitive science or new technologies."

- Colonel of the French Army, Director of Advanced Scientific and Technical courses, who commissioned BIG Talk on Cognitive Science

Cyber Security and Leadership (expert consulting)

‘‘Aurélie and Thomas possess the rare quality of perfectly mastering the technical aspects of complex information systems and at the same time being able to pinpoint the key security issues and challenges related to their use, at all levels of organizations. This includes top decision makers, military leaders, CEOs, members of Executive Committees, as well as experts across business functions, operational teams, and end-users [...] I had the opportunity to work with these two experts in the context of a very high-profile bilateral French-American committee on cyber security including the Director of the NSA, the Responsible Officer for Cyber Security of the French Armies, directors and executives of cyber security for large industrial groups [...] With regard to the competence, availability, ability to explain, and discretion of Aurélie and Thomas, I can only highly recommend their company BIG for projects requiring intellectual depth, analyses, and training in cyber security for all levels, whether top executives, middle management, or operational teams.’’

- General (ret) Jean-Paul Paloméros, Former NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation, Chief of French Air Force, on BIG expert consulting work for several high-profile transtlantic Cyber Security seminars

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