BIG Cyber Security Game

The BIG Cyber Security Game is our Decision Game for cyber security strategy. It provides a virtual environment where leaders and decision-makers can:

  • Develop their understanding of cyber security concepts and trade-offs, including high-level technical knowledge
  • Formulate and test cyber security strategies
  • Uncover weaknesses and weakest links in the cyber security chain
  • Raise awareness and educate about cyber security

The objective of the game is to design cyber security strategies: (1) organize data for a company based on criticality, (2) select cyber security settings, and (3) define data access by type of infrastructure. These strategies are then tested against virtual cyber attacks simulated by AI (Artificial Intelligence) agents.

The BIG Cyber Security Game can be used to raise awareness and knowledge about cyber security issues in all areas of business and help define a blueprint for an overall cyber security strategy.

The BIG Cyber Security Game was originally developed for a private transatlantic seminar attended by 40 senior leaders from business, military, and government organizations.

What It Looks Like


Damage and Data

Data Settings

Infrastructure Settings


The BIG Cyber Security Game can be customized to fit a client's specific data and cyber security options.

Game Format

The BIG Cyber Security game is run as a 1-day group workshop and is deployed on (private) cloud for access on all devices (desktops, mobile devices). Our team provides support for workshop facilitation.