Quantum Computing is becoming a hot topic. What is its potential and limits? How will it affect business, cyber security, AI, blockchain, and other data technologies? Which sectors will it impact the most and what should leaders do about it?  

Thomas Dillig and I recently gave a talk addressing these questions at an exclusive invitation-only event at the Cyber Club of the French-American Foundation. In the audience were senior executives of multi-billion companies, senior military leaders, and entrepreneurs from various sectors incl. tech, retail, banking, automotive, aerospace, humanities, and professional services.  

In our talks and workshops, we use our deep expertise across different domains (tech, business, leadership, etc) to distill complex, cutting-edge topics into clear and actionable concepts. We’ve done it for quantum, AI, cyber security, resilience, and keep expanding the list. Our goal is to empower our leadership audiences with the key knowledge they need to understand the issues and trade-offs, distinguish facts from buzz/myths, ask the right questions, and make informed decisions for their businesses and organizations. We are independent experts who provide scientific facts, knowledge, and vision – all in good spirit!

Photos by French-American Foundation