Professional highlight of 2016: Selected as one of the Young Leaders 2016 of the French-American Foundation.

Very honored to represent the BIG enterprise in this year’s French class. However, throughout the process, I realized that what stuck with people were my dogsledding expeditions, desert horse treks, and other outdoors experiences. I am ‘the girl who runs marathons in Greenland and does extreme stuff’. Fine by me, that’s also who I am!

We met our American counterparts during a seminar in Lille/Brussels this October and will have another seminar next year in San Francisco/Silicon Valley. I am very grateful to have met outstanding individuals thanks to this.

Every year, the Foundation selects 20 men and women between 30 and 40 from the US and France, with diverse backgrounds (government, business, science, military, culture, non-profit). For more info about the program:

Photo: French-American Foundation. Reception at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (July 2016)