Each BIG software (decision game, dashboard, etc) is created with the highest standards of software development.


Exceptional Performance

  • High-efficiency algorithms and high-speed computations in very complex and large simulations

  • Real-time simulations: Near-instant feedback on participant actions and update of simulation environment

Portability & Scalability

Cloud Portability & Scalability

  • Access for multiple users concurrently, with no installation required

  • Unlimited number of participants in a simulation

  • Seamless upgrades and extensions


Seamless Compatibility

  • Adaptable to any platform including private networks, desktops, mobile devices, etc

  • Can be integrated or linked to existing systems


Practical Usability

  • Simulation features tailored to the specifics of each client's business

  • On-screen display of simulation analytics customized to each client's objectives

  • Intuitive graphical user interface