Thomas W. Dillig, PhD

Co-Owner and President

Computer Scientist and System Builder

Thomas W. Dillig graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science with Honors and Distinction, Master of Science, and PhD in Computer Science.

He has designed breakthrough techniques in software verification, constraint solving and optimization, and authored over 20 research articles published in top-tier venues. He has given presentations at top research institutions in the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific, including MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, National University of Singapore, and Microsoft Research Redmond. He was awarded multi-million award grants from public organizations, including the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). He has served on the committee of major computer science conferences (PLDI, CAV, POPL) and managed several research groups.

He currently holds a faculty appointment in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, and was previously at the College of William & Mary, University College London, Microsoft Research (US, UK), and IBM Research. In addition to research, he has taught undergraduate and graduate classes in Programming Languages and Program Verification as faculty.

Tom also enjoys spending time outdoors, home-building or traveling. He is a certified electrician and has built irrigation systems, remodeled kitchens, created outdoor living spaces, and designed HVAC systems for private homes. He is passionate about riding horses and loves exploring different corners of the world, whether scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef, watching the sunrise from the top of Maya ruins in Guatemala, snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains, or hiking in the wild areas of the American West.

He is fluent in English and German, has notions of Turkish and French, and studied Latin for five years.

He was born in Munich, Germany, and has lived in the US for more than fifteen years, from Nebraska to Silicon Valley, New York, Virginia, and others. He lives in Austin, Texas.

Aurélie Mei-Hoa Beaumel

Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Strategist and Wild Nature Explorer

Aurélie Mei-Hoa Beaumel graduated from Stanford University with a Master and Bachelor of Science with Honors in Symbolic Systems (Cognitive Science/Decision-Making) and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She has published research in Neuro-Economics (Consumer Behavior).

She spent over 6 years at global strategy consultancy The Boston Consulting Group, across North America and Europe, advising senior executives of leading international organizations on key strategy topics, including Growth Strategy, Pricing/Revenue Management, M&A Advisory, New Business, Organization, Sales & Marketing, Implementation planning & Execution. She has extensive experience managing international projects with teams spanning all hierarchy levels. She is an expert in Consumer Research and has pioneered a new technological approach for business War Games. 

She has worked closely with clients in different industries, including Airlines, Luxury and Mass Consumer Goods, Retail, and Healthcare.

She is one of the Young Leaders 2016 of the French-American Foundation. She is an officer in the civilian reserve of the French Air Force and Cyber Defense.

Aurélie is also a passionate adventure traveler, nature lover, and endurance enthusiast. She is in her element when taking on outdoors challenges and exploring wild remote areas, including dog-mushing through 1500km of Nordic wilderness and competing in dogsled races, horse-riding across 1600km of the Namib desert, doing ski expeditions in the Arctic, diving with wild orcas and sharks, and scuba-diving. She has completed several marathons/half-marathons, including the Greenland Marathon & Half-Marathon at -20C and Polar Night Race in Tromsø. A longtime amateur violinist, she has performed in several student orchestras, including at the Sydney Opera House.

She is fluent in English and French, skilled in Indonesian and German, has notions of Norwegian and Japanese, and has studied Latin for seven years.

She was born in Jakarta and has lived on four continents, from Indonesia to Reunion Island off the African coast, to Silicon Valley, New York, Oslo, and others. She is currently based in Paris, when not travelling.